On a splendid and ideal day for the circumstance, it was carried out the presentation in society of the B/R «ULTRAMAR X» with the pleasant presence of maritime authorities, port authorities, port practitioners, clients, suppliers, shipping agents, friends and family . An interesting number of journalistic media also attended the event, reaching a wide local and provincial repercussion.

Among those present, was the president of the Regional Port Consortium, Martín Merlini, who stressed that this incorporation allows “to generate work and job opportunities”. This new tugboat allows us to have a better provision of services in terms of entry and exit of operations to give greater security in maneuvers and greater peace of mind to port operators. The president also stressed that this means an “impressive added value” and gives the guideline that companies “are beginning to understand the direction in which the port of Mar del Plata is going: productive development, investment promotion, legal security to companies so that they see Mar del Plata as a regional development pole”.

Late, it was Sergio Di Napoli (President of Remolcadores Mar del Plata SA) who addressed with a few words “… I thank everyone for being present on this pleasant day and especially to the founder of this company, my father, who many of here knew. What one does is just to maintain or try to improve what he started”.

Di Napoli also highlighted “…. the effort made by the company and the crew to incorporate the «Ultramar X», the maintenance of operating conditions and the feeling of predictability that the port provides today, to assume the business risk to operate with three tugboats suitable for any type of maneuvering and in any context”.

Next, the tugboat made a short demonstration of its features and then gave place to an exquisite tasting of delicacies (sushi and pork), contracted to the now traditional and legendary service of Tío Curzio.

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